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Choosing the Right Bedding Product:

How Do You Know When It Is Time To Buy A New Bed?

The Sleep Council and many bedding companies recommend changing your bed every 6-7 years. By this time, the bed shall have deteriorated to 70% of its original quality and support. However due to excessive use or misuse, your bed may need to be replaced after 5 years if you feel any morning back stiffness or notice any broken springs protruding through the mattress.

The number one golden rule when purchasing a bed or mattress is that you get what you pay for and that nothing in the world of retail is free. The more you pay for your new bed or mattress, the better the quality will be. We are frequently asked “How long will the bed or mattress last?”  Unfortunately there is no accurate or definite way to answer this question because every bed is different and will be used differently.

Example; if one was to buy a cheap bed and never use the bed only say once a year when guests stay, then this bed would probably last longer than if the same person bought a very expensive bed and used the bed every night.

This therefore exemplifies that the more the bed is in use, the shorter life span it will have.

What Sizes Are Available?

This simple table will show you the standard sizes that are available:

Imperial Metric
Width Length Width Length
Small Single 2'6" 6'3" 75cm 190cm
Standard Single 3'0" 6'3" 90cm 190cm
Three Quarter 4'0" 6'3" 120cm 190cm
Standard Double 4'6" 6'3" 135cm 190cm
King Size 5'0" 6'6" 150cm 200cm
Super King 6'0" 6'6" 180cm 200cm

The most popular size is the Standard Double, but if you do need that little bit extra elbow room or leg room, then consider buying a King Size.


The Divan base is still the UK’s most popular option. Essentially it’s an upholstered box, fitted with castors for mobility or on legs to create space beneath. Deep divans are often fitted with useful storage drawers.

Four Main Types of Divan Bases:

Sprung Edge

Sprung edge divans feature a complete open coil or pocket spring unit mounted on a frame. Considered the most luxurious option, they provide even more support across the whole mattress and act like a giant shock absorber, increasing the mattress’s durability.

Solid or Platform Top

These divans have a rigid, non sprung top panel, often made from hardboard. Beds with these bases are generally firmer, as well as cheaper than beds with sprung bases.

Firm Edge

Firm edge divans generally feature a smaller number of larger, heavy duty springs within a rigid, wooden sided frame.

Slatted Base

Flexible slatted divans use laminated soft woods mounted in a frame creating a modest level of springiness from their bowed shape. The tension of some slats can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Storage Divans:

These include 1, 2, 3, or 4 drawers. Alternatively you may like an end drawer or a continental drawer - typical drawer combinations are as follows for a 135cm and 150cm divan set:

divan drawer options

Most divan beds today are available with storage options, storage within beds can be very important, especially when there is a limited space in the bedroom, most ranges provide 6 different methods of storage in their double and king size beds :

Which Is Better, Firm Or Soft?

It is important to buy a bed that gives you the correct level of support. Everyone probably appreciates that a soft bed is not ideal, however you also need to be aware that if a bed is too firm it is potentially just as bad for your posture.

The following test may prove useful :

Lie down on your back and slide your hand, palm down, between the small of your back and the mattress…

  • If there is a noticeable gap, then the bed is too firm.
  • If not, then the bed is too soft.
  • If you can just about slide your hand underneath, then the bed is probably about right.

As everybody is different, there is a wide range of beds each offering varying degrees of firmness and comfort. Finding the one that is right for you is not an easy task, here are a few guidelines to help you to make the right choice :

The essential heart of a good bed is the mattress, in general there are five different types :

  • Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Solid Latex
  • Pocket Sprung
  • Continuos Coil
  • Open Coil (Bonnel Spring Type)

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