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How long will a Bed or Mattress last?

Back to the original question of how long will the bed or mattress last? This question should be: How long will the bed or mattress keep its comfort or support?

If the bed or mattress is going to be used every night then you should buy the most expensive bed that you can afford. A good quality bed should last seven to ten years.

After the first year the bed will start to loose its comfort or support that it had from when it was new. This will continue year after year.

The only thing is that you will not notice this because your body will adjust to the bed. it is only when the bed or mattress completely becomes unbearable to sleep on that most people will replace it.

Which Is Better, Firm Or Soft?

It is important to buy a bed that gives you the correct level of support. Everyone probably appreciates that a soft bed is not ideal, however you also need to be aware that if a bed is too firm it is potentially just as bad for your posture.

The following test may prove useful :

Lie down on your back and slide your hand, palm down, between the small of your back and the mattress…

  • If there is a noticeable gap, then the bed is too firm.
  • If not, then the bed is too soft.
  • If you can just about slide your hand underneath, then the bed is probably about right.

As everybody is different, there is a wide range of beds each offering varying degrees of firmness and comfort. Finding the one that is right for you is not an easy task, here are a few guidelines to help you to make the right choice :

The essential heart of a good bed is the mattress, in general there are five different types :

  • Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Solid Latex
  • Pocket Sprung
  • Continuos Coil
  • Open Coil (Bonnel Spring Type)

Visco Elastic Memory Foam:

Unlike standard foams that compress, Memory Foam reforms in shape under pressure and doesn’t want to spring back to its original shape straight away this is because its cells spread the air pressure from one to another which is why it is so good at reducing pressure points.

In addition to this the foam is heat sensitive and in colder temperatures the memory foam is harder than in warmer temperatures when it becomes softer. This temperature sensitive effect thus adapts to your body shape when lying on the foam. Different types of memory foam can have different reactions to the heat with some staying firmer untill higher temperatures have been reached. What should you be looking for? We would recommend at least 2" of memory foam. This amount of memory foam will give you a good cushioning and will allow the memory foam to conform to the contours of your body and support the necessary pressure points.


Natural Latex in it's unprocessed form is the white substance taken from the rubber tree. Top quality Latex is processed with the 'Talalay' method to produce a fantastic mattress core.

Latex mattresses also come in a wide range of tensions and the way they do this is punching holes into the Latex core called "pincore holes". These pincore holes soften up the latex and the larger these holes are, the softer the mattress will feel.

The particular benefit of these mattresses is their non-allergenic properties. They do not harbour dust or fluff and they are bacteria static, which means they cannot support germs or mildew. This type of mattress is superior over the visco foam mattress core as it does not generate heat into the mattress which many customers find unacceptable.

Pocket Sprung:

If you are fed up with feeling aches and pains on a morning due to sore pressure points, a Pocket Spring mattress could be for you. Pocket springs are individually created and then placed in their own fabric pockets, which allows the springs to move independently of each other The result? Support for you and your partner where it’s most needed, regardless of differences in weight.

Pocket springs can also be combined with other mattress fillings for a better effect. Pocket Spring and Memory Foam mattresses are becoming increasingly common now, as both pocket springs and memory foam have their own unique qualities for supporting your body. Pocket Springs can also be combined with other mattress systems such as Foam andLatex.

Pocket Spring beds also come in a range of tensions which cater to different requirements. Firmness on a pocket spring system is usually dependent upon the how many springs are in the mattress. Generally, a spring count of anywhere in between 800 and 1800 is classed as a single spring unit, where as 2000 up to 3500 is generally classed as a twin spring unit which has one layer of springs on top of another in order to reach the desired spring count.

Continuous Coil:

The continuous spring mattress uses the same basic construction principles as the open coil, but is made from a single length of wire that is essentially "knitted" together to form a single, sprung construction. The finished mattress springs are in rows, as with open coil, but are joined vertically. The spring mechanical construction of the mattress is in rows from 'north' to 'south' across the mattress which makes it an ideal coice for a slaated bed base. The springs in a continous coil mattress are generally smaller than those used in the open coil mattress and use narrower lighter gauge wire, which makes them slightly softer.

Open Coil:

The Bonnel Open coil mattress is probably one of the most long-standing methods of construction.
Most people have slept on an open coil mattress at some point in their lives, and they are still some of the most widely-the most popular available mattresses especially in the budget market. Their construction means that they provide the support you need, whilst leaving plenty of room for a variety of fillings that help to provide you with comfort as well as support.
The spring mechanical construction of the mattress is in rows from 'east' to 'west' across the mattress.
As with most sprung mattresses, the tension, or firmness of the mattress can be altered by changing the thickness of the wire in the construction of the mattress.

The tried and tested simple construction of the open coil mattress means that it is one of the most cost-effective mattresses on the market. If you are looking for a budget mattress, you will find a range of open coil mattresses that are both comfortable and affordable. These type of mattresses are suitable for the majority of bed bases including a slatted base.

Dual Open Coil Spring System:

The dual spring system is two open coil spring systems on top of each other to work together in one mattress. This is done to increase support and durability within the mattress, each unit is constructed the same way as a single open coil spring system.


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